E liquids are the substance that e-cigs vaporize and turn into vapor. You can choose between varying levels of nicotine and numerous different flavors. At Vape Queen, we have traditional cigarette flavors and more modern tastes to choose from.

From the original tobacco flavor to fruity and menthol, we carry a wide variety of custom liquid vape blends for you to choose from. Most people find that electronic cigarettes have a longer lasting effect than regular cigarettes. It saves them quite a handful of money and gives them more mileage too.

E-juice is one reason people choose the smokeless cigarette over the traditional cigarette. It’s a great change in a smoker’s life because they are healthier than normal cigarettes. They make smoke breaks much more convenient with vapors being released into the air instead of that horrible smoke smell, so the surrounding people will complain less. They also taste better!

Visit Vape Queen, our premier vape lounge to take care of all your vaping needs. We have many affordable vape mods available and would be happy to answer any questions about our products. We promise to provide you with the best vaping experience in Davie, FL.