About Us

Whether you are just starting to think about giving up cigarettes for good and switching to vaping or if you are an experienced cloud chaser looking for a new shiny toy, we have everything you need and more! We have over 200 house blend e-liquids that are 100% organic along with two other juice lines; Five Pawns and Space Jam.

Vape Queenis a huge supporter of local art and artists. We allow anyone who wants to display and/or sell their work to come hang it on our walls which gives our store energy and life. We host an event every couple of weeks called, Flavor of the Week, where local artists sing, play guitar, paint, recite poetry, and even do stand up comedy.

All done live! (If you or someone you know would be interested in the event or displaying artwork please feel free to contact us.) We strive to make an impression, keep our customers happy, and most importantly help people and push them to be the healthiest, smoke-free versions of themselves.